Insulate your Water Heater to Conserve Energy and Save Money

After climate control, heating water uses more energy than anything else in your home. Lots of people are using on demand water heaters now in an attempt to reduce their high electric bills. Unfortunately on demand water heaters typically start at over $1000.00 and with the addition of gas and plumbing support the total installation can cost over $3000. BTW, if you don’t have access to natural gas at your address, then an on demand water heater isn’t a realistic option at all. An electric on demand water heater that is big enough to supply an average family draws so much current that it requires electric service similar to that of an entire modest home. The truth is that they just don’t make sense for everyone, and depending upon your usage patterns an on demand water heater may not even save any energy.

Here’s the good news. For $20-40 and an hour of your time you can improve the efficiency of your plain Jane tank type water heater to rival that of the most expensive models that are made. Where the efficiency of a tank type water heater suffers in comparison to an on demand is when it comes to keeping 40 or more gallons of water hot and ready to use all of the time. An on demand unit just doesn’t do it at all, it only heats water when you need it. So by adding an insulation blanket to your tank you can noticeably decrease the amount of energy that it takes to keep your water hot between uses.

Water heater tank

Water heater insulation blanket

Sneaking that blanket around the tank

taping it all up

more taping it all up

Try to be as neat as possible

nearly finished

Nice and neat

Some pipe insulation would be a nice touch.

It’s that easy. Now if you also add a 7 day digital timer you will have the most efficient tank type water heater known to man. And if your family keeps regular hours (leave and return home at the same time more or less) it may actually be better than an on demand water heater, and for a lot less.

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